Every family is different. We work with you to plan for your unique requirements. Financial planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Small Business Planning

Financial Planning

We customize financial plans(retirement
financial plan, risk and protection plan, investment plan…) based on your family financial and tax considerations. We implement and monitor those
plans with you.

Estate Planning

We give you suggestions and plans regarding taxes
and processes involved in the family estate planning. We will work together with lawyers when needed to help with your requirements.

Small business investment and estate planning:

We help you plan and implement investments of retained earnings to minimize the tax impact. We work together with lawyers to help you with business estate planning.


Risk management is important for our family and our wealth. Follow this link to understand what risk means to you family. We use our expertise to help you get the best suitable insurance policies

Critical Illness

As a living benefit, it helps us to navigate through our most difficult time financially.

Health Insurance

If your workplace do not provide extended health insurance, personal health insurance is the way to look at.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can provide a peace of mind and let you or your family enjoy traveling to Canada for vacation.

Life Insurance

Protect your family, accumulate your wealth, pass your legacy, life insurance can help achieve all.

Student Insurance

Provide in bound or out bound students protection from unexpected large medical expenses.


Grow your wealth steadily through balanced portfolio

Segregated Funds:

Invest in the public market with a unique protection

Discretionary Portfolio:

Leverage our discretionary portfolio offering to build more diversification in your investment strategy

Alternative Investment:

Add some alternative products into your portfolio to diversity your strategy

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